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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Do you ever get the feeling that your home is a bit… well… drab? If it’s not the old carpets, cupboards and appliances making you feel that way then perhaps it’s those old windows. After all, they’re some of the only things keeping sunlight out of your home.

In fact, if you have windows in your home, then you can probably see them from where you are now. However, with so many different types of windows available on the market today, how do know if yours are past their prime?

Read on for some telltale signs that it’s time to upgrade your windows before we dive into details about what to look for when choosing new ones.

Check for Leaks

One of the most important aspects of choosing new windows is to determine whether or not your current windows are actually leaking. This can be tricky since windows don’t typically leak water — they leak money!

Have you ever noticed how your electricity bill seems to go up every time the seasons change? That’s because your old windows are letting in a ton of cold air, which means you have to crank up the thermostat to make the house comfortable again. If you have leaky windows, they could be costing you up to $100 per year, per window, in heating costs.

One way to test for leaks is to put a dollar bill over the crack at the bottom of each window in your home. If, after a few hours, the dollar bill is wet, then you most likely have a leak, and your windows need to be replaced.

The seals are broken

When you replace your windows, you’ll also want to replace the seals around the frame. If your old seals are torn and frayed, then they’re not doing their job of keeping cold air out and hot air in.

Replacing them will help to reduce your energy bill since your new windows will seal more efficiently. If you aren’t sure whether or not your seals need replacing, grab a magnifying glass and take a closer look. If you see holes or tears, it’s a good idea to replace them immediately.

The paint is peeling

If the paint on your old windows is peeling, it might not just be because it’s an old paint job or it has been left out in the open too long. Sometimes the paint is applied too thickly, and as it dries it cracks and peels.

Other times, it could just be a low-quality paint that just doesn’t stick as well as it should. If you have old windows with peeling paint, you should replace the windows before the paint starts to break down and become a hazard to your family.

As an added bonus, new windows will look much better with fresh paint.

The frame is rotting

If your windows have rot on the frame, they’re likely rotting from the inside, too. Unfortunately, by the time you notice the rot, it’s likely spread to the point that replacing that particular window is your only option.

To keep all of your windows, you can try to remove the rot with a power sander or by soaking the wood in a solution of bleach and water: two parts bleach to one part water. If the frame is beyond repair, though, it’s time to upgrade.

You’re having problems opening and closing them

Probably the most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your windows is if they’re simply no longer usable. If they’re warped beyond repair, or the hardware is rusty and sticking, it’s time to replace them.

If you have windows that are difficult to open or close, they’re probably warped. These are usually caused by improperly installed windows, which means they have to go.

Old windows can also become stuck if they’re painted shut, or they have paint chips or debris trapped in the tracks. If your windows are no longer functional, it’s time to replace them.

There are cracks in the glass

If you have windows with small cracks in the glass, don’t worry: you don’t necessarily need to replace them. Small hairline cracks probably won’t get any worse, and they don’t pose any real danger to your home.

Unfortunately, if you have large cracks that go from one end of the window to the other or several small cracks that have been there for a while, they’re probably just a matter of time before they get worse and turn into a full-blown break.

If you have cracked windows that you don’t plan on replacing, you should cover them with plastic or cardboard to prevent weather damage.


New windows are not only more energy efficient, but they also add an exciting new feel to your home. When it comes to replacing old windows, you have tons of options, from the type of glass to the style of frame.

Whether you’re looking for a clean, modern aesthetic or something more traditional, there’s sure to be a style that’s perfect for your home. With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for you.

The best thing you can do is educate yourself as much as possible before making a selection so you can be sure you get exactly what you want.

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