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How to Choose the Right Exterior Lighting for Your Property

The right exterior lighting can transform your property. It can increase your curb appeal, create a safe outdoor space and add value to your home. When choosing exterior lights, pick styles that complement your building’s architecture and the surrounding area. 

Curb Appeal

The right lighting can improve the resale value of your property. It can also deter burglars and make navigating your home at night easier for you and your family. Many homeowners are incorporating exterior lights as an essential component of their landscaping plans. The best way to choose the right lights for your property is to research and ask qualified professionals for their thoughts. Many options include LED-based fixtures and other technologically advanced light sources. You will want to consider the purpose of the lights, the location, and the budget before making a decision. 

Energy Efficiency

Exterior lighting has a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Not only does it consume a high amount of electricity, but it also emits a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air. This is why choosing the right lights for your property is important. Fortunately, many options will save you money on utility bills while providing excellent outdoor illumination. Choosing the right bulbs for your fixtures is a good place to start. LEDs, for example, can provide long-lasting and attractive lighting that doesn’t require much maintenance. According to experts in exterior lighting Overland Park, aside from saving you money on your power bill, LEDs can also increase the security of your business. They turn on and off instantly, providing a safer environment for employees and customers. Moreover, they are more energy efficient and produce better quality light than older bulbs.


Exterior lighting is a crucial component of the safety and security of your property. It helps people navigate pathways, illuminates paths and driveways, and can warn of trespassers or potential criminal activity.

Exterior lights must also be durable, especially if exposed to the elements. Grit, rocks, bugs, and road debris quickly hit the lights’ lenses, taking a toll on the plastic or glass. The right lighting can make walkways safer by making it easier for people to identify tripping hazards, including fallen tree branches. It also makes it more difficult for an armed assailant or a vagrant to enter your premises.


Security lighting is a great way to protect your business or home from unwanted intruders. It also helps ensure safety for people walking around your property after dark. Choosing the right exterior lights for your property can be tricky, but knowing what’s best for you is important.  For example, motion-activated security lights can illuminate areas automatically when movement is detected. This saves you from running a light all night long and also saves on electricity. Moreover, security lighting is a great way to add style and curb appeal to your property. You can use lighting to highlight landscape features, art installations, or other important building parts.

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