Amazingly, there are well over 9 million owner-occupied manufactured/mobile homes in the United States. That’s a full 8% of total American housing, according to the American Housing Survey (2011, the latest year available).

And, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, most of these homes are sited on privately owned property – over 90% of it owned by giant corporations. Wow.

Have you ever lived in an apartment complex or manufactured home community run by a out of state company? If so, you know the drill. Most of these huge companies specialize in managing multiple properties. They are not interested in your quality of life. They are interested in making a profit. To them, you are just a number.

RoseLake Estates does it differently and always has. We are locally owned. We consider our neighborhood family and take a personal interest in our residents. We’re proud of our lakeside neighborhood and want it filled with responsible, happy homeowners.

As a homeowner here, you will never be known to us by your “plot number.” In a highly affordable community of just 185 families, our managment gets to know our homeowners by name. Of course, that works both ways. When you call management for help with something, you know who to ask for, and know you will be treated with respect.

At RoseLake Estates, we’re always on the lookout for courteous, responsible new residents. If you’re tired of being a “just a number,” let’s get to know one another.