The more you know about anything, the better, right? That’s why it’s a good idea to locate your manufactured home’s data plate. It is unique to your home and provides a wealth of information, including:

  • The date the home was manufactured
  • Your home’s unique HUD (Housing and Urban Development) serial number
  • Precise information about your homes HVAC (Heating and cooling) system
  • What U.S. zone your home is insulated to cover
  • Snow load (for roof) information
  • Appliance and component part information

That’s great – but how come I’ve never noticed it before? Where do I find this plate?

  • Your data plate is located inside the home, usually on or near the main electrical panel.
  • Some manufactured homes put this plate inside a kitchen cabinet, or in the master bedroom closet.
  • A red HUD label (required by law) with a stamped serial number should be attached to the exterior of your home. This plate provides a unique serial number which can be searched to locate specifics on your home such as manufacturer, home size, total weight, and insulation specifics.

It’s good to have this kind of information at your fingertips. Your home’s data plate tells the truth – in hard plain facts. It also provides information you may need for your mortgage application or for homeowners insurance – so it’s good to know where to find it.

RoseLake Estates recommends that you take a picture of your home’s data plate and keep it with your home warranty and mortgage information. We believe this information — as well as the age and system specifications of every home — should be a standard part of every new homeowner’s information.