It’s been a long, hot summer. Time for a change!

Here’s to embracing cooler weather, shorter days, spectacular bonfires, beautiful colored crisp leaves, and layering on a sweater during chilly evenings.

There’s still lots to do in September – even with social distancing:

  • Head out to local farm stands and buy more summer-fresh corn
  • Farm stands and outdoor marketplaces are safe outside places (especially when you wear your mask) to look for harvest veggies, interesting fall gourds and Indian corn to hang on your front door, plus the season’s first pumpkins for decorating.
  • Roast marshmallows with the kids — outside using the grill – or a fire pit.
  • Head to your local high school for the first home football game of the season. Social distance in the stands. Bring your own hot chocolate in a thermos.
  • Rake up piles of leaves and let the kids or the family dog jump into them. Video the fun.
  • Set up a winter bird feeder now, to get the birds used to your location. Choose the type of feeder based upon the kind of birds you want to attract
  • Make a few outdoor home repairs while it’s still nice outside – (you won’t regret it come November!) Take off screens. Add storm windows. Clean them. Re-caulk window seals.
  • Drain your outside hoses and turn off spigots before the first freeze.
  • Have the kids collect fallen pinecones and make a wreath for the front door
  • Make a big pot of chili in your crockpot. Set up several different ‘add-in stations” like bowls of banana peppers, cilantro, shredded sharp cheese, onions, pimentos, hot peppers, sour cream, and/or fresh chives.
  • Look at an online map and plan a family bike ride together at a nearby park.
  • Put out a squirrel feeder. Some look like mini picnic tables with squirrels “seated” on the bench. Others are long bouncy wires with screws at the end to attach a cob of corn. Put these somewhere you and the kids can see them from the house.
  • Fall is the ideal time to plan for spring. Buy bulbs and plant them now for gorgeous color in 6 months!
  • Apply fall lawn fertilizer for deep root feeding for your grass
  • Order ahead and pick up cinnamon donuts and hot apple cider – the fall treat everyone loves!
  • Empty closets of outgrown summer items. Donate them.
  • Go through hall closets and launder fall sweatshirts, vests, hats and scarves so they’ll be ready when you need them.
  • Head to the library and sign up for a fall class.

There’s always lot of interesting stuff to do with your family in the fall. Get active – have some fun — and stay safe!