You’ve already organized your kitchen drawers. And completed your taxes. And given up on that 500 piece puzzle with the 2 missing pieces. You’ve binge-watched more of your favorite TV shows than you care to own up to. And your dog is refusing to go on another walk with you.

What else can you do while you’re captive inside your home during the Great COVID-19 quarantine of 2020?

Here are some (free) ideas:

  • Take a bike ride around the neighborhood.
  • Make a 2-minute video of your quarantine experience on your phone including your feelings and save it for re-viewing 10 years from now.
  • Download on your phone, iPad or laptop. (It’s free for 40 minute sessions.) Give your friends or distant family members the app info and invite everyone to a Friday night Social Distancing Party – remotely, of course. You can toast, commiserate or together, celebrate your parent’s anniversary, or even make it a game night. It’s great seeing everyone in this format. Good way to stay in touch!
  • Go fishing at RoseLake Estates’ fully stocked Rose Lake.
  • Make a hanging birdfeeder out of an empty soda bottle or milk container.
  • Surprise a neighbor by walking his/her dog or just pick a bouquet of wildflowers and leave it on her porch.
  • Plant a Victory Garden in your side yard or back yard. You can plant spinach, lavender, broccoli, lettuce, potato starts, radishes, swiss chard, and several other hardy veggies this time of year. Next month, you can add tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, pumpkin and watermelon to your garden. Make sure your soil is well aerated
  • Paint or redecorate a small room – maybe your bathroom or hallway or your bedroom. Or just reorganize the room, moving furniture into a different configuration.
  • Have a Spa Day at home. Soak in a tub. Give yourself a facial. (Put a moist washcloth scented with lavender or vanilla in the microwave for 20 seconds and make that facial even better!) Give yourself a pedicure and manicure. Pamper your spouse the same way.
  • Go through old family photo albums with your kids or spouse. Amazing what you may have forgotten. Good for laughs, too!
  • Pack a lunch or dinner picnic basket, add a blanket and enjoy the sunshine of your backyard.
  • Put on a mask, practice social distancing, and enjoy a vigorous walk. Or a game of Frisbee.
  • Turn that walk into a health goal. Increase your daily walk by ¼ mile each day and see where you are in 1 week, 2 weeks, even a month! (Same concept applies to sit ups, planks and push ups).
  • Give yoga a try. Google free home classes. The YMCA offers lots. So does You could even begin with Chair Yoga.
  • Challenge your family members to go a full day with no social media – including cell phones.
  • April is Earth Month. Do the earth some good and grab a trash bag and pick up trash in your neighborhood, or someplace else you visit on a regular basis.
  • Go to the library online — and check out a favorite movie, audiobook, or even a game.
  • Leave a thank you note for the mail carrier inside your mailbox.
  • Bake with the kids! Cookies, a cake, banana bread, mac and cheese? Let them help & learn skills.

That’s a small list. Consider the ages of your kids and your interests and expand upon this. Really, the list is endless!

Think about what you want to look back on appreciatively once the lockdown is over. Remember, we may well look back fondly on this downtime when it’s done and wish for the free time again!