What can you do for fun when the kids are off from school, home sick, or have a snow day? There’s a lot you can do just staying at home – especially when they are home sick — and it doesn’t have to mean turning on TV.

Turn to fun crafts. From coloring books to finger painting, not only do kids love art, but adults can join in, too!

  • Make “Snow Dough” and build a snowman with these 3 simple Ingredients, and store in a baggie or lidded container when kids are done:
    • 2 cups cornstarch
    • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
    • 6 tablespoons glitter (preferably fine glitter)
  • Make a snow family outside. Who needs just one snowman when you can make an entire snow family? Hey, don’t forget the dog! Add a carrot nose and you’ll be feeding the squirrels or even a deer. Scarves and hats complete the picture.
  • You can make “snow paint,” too. Perfect for a snow day, collect snow in a squirt bottle and add a few drops of food coloring. You probably need at least 3 colors. Get the snow paint back outside right away – and let kids go wild “painting” the snow on your lawn. If you already have a snowman, you can use the paint to add features to your snow family, too.
  • For older kids: All you need is a large poster board or dissembled box for this one. Spread out the box or poster board on the floor or the kitchen table. Get out lots of old magazines and grab scissors, markers, and some glue. Designate the poster space as a “Dream Board” or “What Makes me Happy,” and let kids pull together something they can put on their wall that is all about them.

Cook! Kids enjoy learning to cook and bake.

  • Have them help you make a slow cook dinner. Decide what the meat will be, get that started in the slow cooker, and have your kids (depending on their ages) chop and add the onion, celery, carrots, rice, beans, and/or potatoes. Have them smell different spices to help decide what to add besides salt and pepper.
  • Thumb print cookies are great for young ones to make. And of course, chocolate chip cookies are everyone’s favorite. Kids enjoy measuring, adding and mixing. Bonus: It’s a great way to learn concepts of math with all that measuring.

Go back in time with an old family photo album – especially if there are pictures of you as a kid. Great way to get kids interested in history as well as to better understand the concept of aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandparents, and connections.

  • Explore a box of old clothes or out of season Halloween costumes. Playing dress up is fun for elementary kids – could be as simple as finding an old hat or white dress gloves. Bring out high heels for the kids to try walking in. Add a shawl. Use eyeliner or brow pencil to add a mustache, the more outlandish, the better!
  • Find that old box of your kids earliest drawings and toys and get it out. Fun for middle and high school kids to see what you kept, and bring back the memories.

Winter vacation, snow days and the holidays are coming up fast. Here’s to some old fashioned homespun fun – and creating new memories!