Aren’t flowers a fantastic pick-me-up? And isn’t getting outside in all this sunshine and warmth fantastic after a long winter’s slog staying at home?

That’s why at RoseLake Estates this season, your home’s fresh landscaping update is on us! Just stop in at RoseLake Estates/ Carefree Homes management and let us know that you want to update the look of your front yard.

We’ll provide the flowers and the mulch, while supplies last.

You provide the design and the gardening skills.

  • FILCO Fencing and Landscaping (LINK: is providing the mulch
  • I.S.K. Landscaping and Carefree Homes are providing free flowers while they last.

Then, next month, you could win $150 to $300 for your efforts! Our team will take a look around our lovely neighborhood and judge the best floral landscaping update.

Last month, John at Indiana Housing offered to do free house cleanings for new move-ins and those that needed help during the month of April. Thank you, Indiana Housing for all your work on 20 RoseLake Estate homes! What a great way to help people in our community!

If you are interested in Indiana Housing house cleaning help, give John a call. He will be offering cleaning services at a reduced rate going forward.

When we all pitch in with smiles and big hearts, we stay positive, healthy and active. Let’s get gardening!