That’s the headline many in today’s marketplace are reading as they begin to search for affordable housing. Costs of lumber are up. Costs of construction are up. Cost of land is up. And as traditional stick-built homes continue to trend up, the average salary for a potential homeowner remains stagnant.

What to do? Consider buying a quality manufactured home in an established, stable neighborhood… like RoseLake Estates here in Pendleton.

Today’s manufactured homes are quality-built, well designed, and sell for a fourth the price, on average, of a stick-built home!

Most homes suitable for the middle class – and that’s most of us — are priced well beyond the typical housing budget of American families. Quality manufactured homes fill an important housing gap.

If your family doesn’t want and can’t afford a huge house on a huge expensive lot, you can balance your house, mortgage and utility budgets with plenty of space for your family’s needs right here at RoseLake Estates.

RoseLake Estates has several lovely updated manufactured homes at incredibly affordable prices, ready for new owners. They are bright with big windows, roomy kitchens with islands, lovely decks, and yard spaces. They are practical home solutions for those of us on a budget who want to enjoy home ownership and still have money left to enjoy life.

Come take a look at what you’ve been missing at RoseLake Estates, just north of Indy in Pendleton.