January is an ideal time to take a fresh look around your RoseLake Estates home – and see what you may want to update. Sometimes all it takes is a coat of new paint or a different window treatment to brighten or update your home’s look. Here are some low cost updates to consider.

Farmhouse style has run its course. In 2020, try a more urban or natural textured feel, including touches such as:

  • Natural grain fiber rugs
  • Artwork or sculptures made of wood
  • Real or faux plants
  • A natural stone entryway
  • Bamboo accent furniture

Painting walls is easyNew paint is an inexpensive way to update.

Top designers are predicting the rise of darker, more vibrant colors – such as deep greens, rich turquoise and blues. Choosing a wall or two to paint in a color that speaks to you is a great way to update. Found a color you love? Try it somewhere as an accent or focal point, such as the backsplash wall in your kitchen (yes, you can paint over tile with the right type of paint!) Or paint the tallest wall in your family room – especially if it includes a fireplace.

Try a coordinating but more low-key paint for kitchen cabinets (yes, these can also be painted) and furniture – such as a side table or dresser. You want color coordination without sensory overload.

Change out sofa pillows that include your new key colors – an inexpensive way to give your sofa (or bedroom) new life.

Add texture for interest

Texture can add depth and dimension to your home (especially if you are not sure about painting a wall in a new color). What adds texture? Paneling, faux ceiling beams (perhaps in the kitchen?), even something as simple as nubby blanket throws for your sofa or chairs.

Adding a faux brick or wood wall to your dining room or kitchen. Brick, stone, wood or tile can all add new texture to any room – from your entryway to a hallway, kitchen or bathroom. They are lightweight and easy to install.

Even something as simple as getting new textured bamboo or linen blend towels can freshen a bathroom or a kitchen.

There are plenty of do-it-yourself projects that are inexpensive as well as easy to do yourself. And with the winter months looming ahead, working on your home when the weather outside is frightful – sounds pretty self-satisfying — and delightful.