It is truly amazing how home prices in and around Indy have skyrocketed in the past three to five years. Generally, the farther northeast you go, the steeper the price.

So is it true that you get what you pay for?

That depends. As realtors always say, “Location, location, location.” Interestingly enough, at RoseLake Estates, we agree.

Why pay steep rental prices for apartments in Indianapolis (average monthly rent $875 for 880 square feet) or Fishers (average $1129 for 995 square feet) when you can own your own home in Pendleton’s quiet leafy RoseLake Estates neighborhood for about $50 per square foot?

Trying to buy your first home? First time homebuyers are finding home prices amazingly steep and often find themselves in bidding wars over homes in their price range. According to Zillow, (2019), here’s why:

  • Indianapolis median home price is now $144,500, or $108 per square foot
  • Fishers median homes $264,500, or $118 per square foot
  • Pendleton median homes $153,100 or $110 per square foot

In stark contrast, RoseLake Estates’ median home price is 55,000. You can purchase an existing home with plenty of upgrades for that price, or custom order a new one, two or three bedroom manufactured home from $60,000 to $82,000, depending on your interior/exterior preferences.

Come take a look at RoseLake Estates in Pendleton, Indiana. At just 15 minutes northeast of Fishers and Noblesville, you’ll be impressed with our community, our homes, home prices, and our town.

As far as “Location, location, location” goes, the town of Pendleton is among the best locations in the state. Close to everything, including shopping and medical resources, with a trendy, growing downtown, easy access to parks and trails, and a fantastic school system. Pendleton rocks!