Pendleton, home of RoseLake Estates, is full of family-friendly places to visit. Falls Park is one place not to miss, whether your visit is to walk or ride the trails, enjoy the falls, picnic, play a round of golf, take a class, or most recently – bring your dog and enjoy the Falls Bark Dog Park.

It’s a great place to build your dog’s socialization skills, and a safe place to let Rover run and play off leash.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The park is free.
  • It’s open to the public any hours the park is open.
  • Families may bring up to two dogs at a time.
  • Fresh water is available for dogs, and dogs under four months are not allowed for their safety.
  • Doggy parents, of course, must stay within the Bark Park while their dog plays, and pick up after him/her.

Located at 460 Falls Park Drive just inside the Falls Park borders, Fall Bark Dog Park opened its gates in early spring of this year. The park was the brainchild of Pendleton Heights High School 2018 Summa Cum Laude students who looked for a public service project to benefit the community.

With help from the Pendleton Lions Club, PHHS school superintendent and area business owners, the students participated in fundraising, and learned all about the legal and physical challenges pulling together a dog park entailed.

The result is a great park for dogs and their families to enjoy. For more information, call the Falls Bark Dog Park at 765-778-2222.