Way before the town of Pendleton became trendy, back when it was mostly farmland, an Indiana family bought the property that was to become Carefree Homes. That was well over forty years ago, and even back then, they could see the possibilities of the land.

The family had the site professionally laid out so that as many home sites as possible would be able to enjoy the views of our 12-acre lake. They also laid out our streets to avoid cutting down the large trees so they could provide shade to homes, and then planted many more. The lake seemed perfect for fishing, so it was deepened and stocked with fish. Native turtles, ducks, and other wildlife made their home around the lake, too.

In short, it was the intention right from the start to create a quiet place close to nature where families could raise their kids or retire in peace, and feel at home.

Forty-plus years since then, nearby communities have grown, as has the town of Pendleton. But our 40-acre community has retained its neighborly feel while embracing the growing downtown businesses. We’re convenient to shopping and medical facilities and amenities like the Pendleton library and Falls Park — that make living at RoseLake Estates such a good investment.

And RoseLake Estates has grown as well — from eight homes that first year to the 170+ we include now.

RoseLake Estate homes are still economical, still a good investment, and full of good folks who keep their property looking trim and kept up. We’re still known for our shady lots and lovely pond, too. We’ve made a lot of updates since we opened for sure, but the feel of our neighborhood remains the same.

We hope you will come check us out and feel the warmth of our community and the charm of Pendleton. We’d love to meet you.