We have been hearing lots of sweet stories on the news about what neighbors are doing to help others in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. So… we thought we’d share a few stories we know about and/or participate in — right here in RoseLake Estates and our Pendleton neighborhood.

We really care about our community. That’s why Carefree Homes donates a portion of every RoseLake Estates sale to the Madison County Food pantry.

  • In addition to the food pantry, Madison County also has a mobile food truck which comes into our community once a month with free food deliveries.
  • To help more people and keep staff safe, the pantry has also arranged a weekly food drive-through at the Pendleton Library so that those in need of food can get food free without leaving their vehicle. A big thank you to Madison County Food Pantry and all you do! Call the Pendleton library for details: 765-778-7527.
  • Struggling families can also find relief through our local utility company and the county. We have a particularly wonderful County Assessor who has been a very helpful liaison between families and utilities. In several cases, food has been delivered to homes where the homeowner could not get out due to sickness. RoseLake residents may call the office for more information: 317-485-6447.

More good news! We also heard from our residents about:

An elementary school aged boy from our neighborhood that has begun putting uplifting notes in his neighbor’s mailboxes.

Several neighborhood families that are making grocery runs for other neighbors.

Neighbors walking other’s dogs when they couldn’t walk them, themselves.

One neighbor who loves to bake that has made cookies and brownies for others – just because.

In all these instances, and no doubt, many more we don’t know about — real heart and genuine caring comes from our fellow Hoosiers, friends and neighbors. We are all truly family when we support one another.

RoseLake Estates is and always has been family-built, family-owned and family-managed. We’re proud to claim three generations of our family have had a hand in growing our community and keeping it neat, affordable, clean, and updated – and we remain grateful for the generosity and big hearts of all of our neighbors.

Thank you for all you do — and please wear a mask when you go out — to keep you and everyone else safe!