It can be so freeing to let go of a house that no longer serves your needs. Why pay heating and cooling costs for un-used living space? Why take care of a large front and back yard including grass, trees, gardens and more? Why spend all that time cleaning?

Sharon P. lived in the same two-story house in Indianapolis where her kids grew up. Last winter, after paying her heating bill, taxes, and paying a contractor to fix her roof, she decided she’d had enough.

Because she was on a fixed income, Sharon looked for a manageable house with a lower community tax base and a smaller yard. She was tired of mowing, mulching, gardening, pruning, and fixing problems with her house.

A friend suggested she look into a new manufactured home at RoseLake Estates. At first, she didn’t listen. She didn’t think she would like living in a “cramped, outdated mobile home.” But at her friend’s insistence, she checked us out.

She was floored. Not only was the house the perfect size for her, but the kitchen was brand new and the home included a lovely sunny back deck. She loved the trees and the neighborhood – right down to the lake, which she now enjoys walking around daily.

“The best news to me was that I got a lot of house for my money. There is nothing to fix, and my utility bills as low. My kitchen is a pleasure to be in. My neighbors are friendly, and I found a church less than a half-mile away that suits me perfectly. And I have an extra bedroom for when my grandkids come to visit. I’m one very happy retiree – with money left over at the end of the month to spend as I choose.”

Maybe it’s time you took another look at manufactured home living. Rose Lake Estates homes are not only cozy and affordable, they are also safe, contemporary, well built, and will save you a bundle on utilities and maintenance.