RoseLake Estates is known for having one of the quietest and safest manufactured home neighborhoods around. That’s due to several factors, including active, locally-owned, hands on family management. But one of our most important security benefits — is actually a person.

Officer Rich is our courtesy officer who has been a resident here for the better part of ten years. A retired police officer, Officer Rich lives in the very first home you see as you enter our neighborhood. Most in our community know him by name. He’s very friendly, and keeps a close eye on things.

His security vehicle is parked right just inside our gate, and he periodically cruises through our neighborhood, stopping to chat with neighbors, asking kids how they are getting along, and keeping things safe on a daily basis. We’re happy he’s lived here so long, and pleased with the extra measure of security he provides.

RoseLake Estate Homeowners are also active Crime Watch participants. Besides Officer Rich, our neighbors are the “eyes and ears” of our neighborhood, each looking out for his/her neighbors. A security camera at the main entrance and other key points in of our neighborhood is also a safety help – as well as a crime deterrent.

So, if you are looking for a quiet, safe place to call home, consider a move to our peaceful Pendleton neighborhood. We’re just 20 minutes north of Indianapolis off Exit 214 of I-69 – right beside a stocked pond — with terrific schools and great resources nearby. Updated or new homes now available for sale at fantastic prices.