Clutter is definitely out in 2020. Organization is the way to go! If you begin the new year by de-cluttering, giving away things you no longer use, and finding a place for everything you need, you and your family will discover:

  • Fewer things get lost
  • Cleaning is easier
  • Your home looks and feels more spacious
  • Moods improve, as uncluttered homes are less stressful!

Begin in the kitchen with a plan. As you begin to make your way from one side of the kitchen to the other, have a large trash bin on hand for stuff that has outlived its usefulness. Have another box for stuff that hasn’t been used in more than two years, but could be used by someone else. This is your donation bin. The less you have, the easier it is to keep organized what you do use on a regular basis.

Find a place for kitchen wares you use daily or weekly. The closer you keep the items to where they are needed, the better. Put as much clutter away as possible. Blenders and cookbooks can do in cupboards, for instance.

Make your way into the bathrooms and do the same. It’s amazing what we keep “just in case” under our bathroom sinks. Throw out medications that have expired – especially leftover prescription meds that could do more harm than good taken by someone other than the original recipient.

Have your children help clean out toy boxes and closets in their bedrooms. They can feel good about contributing older toys to a box for those who could use them. Be sure to clean toys and finding all parts before donating.

Adults can do the same with items of clothing not worn in the past two years. Again, have two boxes or bins on hand. One for pitching clothing or items that aren’t worth donating; another for those that are. Then be sure to launder clothing before donating.

Onto the carport and utility area. That is where many of us you store gardening tools, bicycles, power tools, and other various outdoor or seasonal items. Purge, clean, and organize!

Make it a priority for you and your family to keep things organized and clutter-free. You will absolutely see – and feel – the difference.