If you’ve lived in the Midwest for any length of time, you’ll likely not be fooled into complacency with the relatively mild weather we’ve had so far. As you know, the feistiest cold, ice, snow and biting wind are likely, just ahead.

Be ready for the nastiness to come with this winter checklist:

  • Got salt? Stock up now. Don’t wait ‘til you make a last minute run when the roads are already treacherous. Have some ready in your carport or front porch.
  • Make clearing snow and ice from your steps, walkway and in front of your mailbox a priority to reduce slipping accidents.
  • Find last year’s snow shovel and ice scraper now.
  • Make sure you have an ice scraper in your trunk. Maybe a snow shovel, too.Don’t let a fast heavy snowfall catch you unprepared away from home.
  • Watch for black ice. Drive safely. Take it easy entering and exiting our neighborhood. Watch for black ice on overpasses, too.
  • Be a good neighbor. Have an older neighbor living next door? You could be the most important visitor they its too cold for them to check for mail, get groceries, prescriptions, or care for their pets.
  • If you are cold outside, so is your dog. Be kind. Bring your dog or cat inside and make sure s/he has plenty of non-frozen water to drink.
  • If it gets well below freezing, protect your pipes. You’re your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to keep pipes from rupturing.

The family management at RoseLake Estates wishes all our residents a healthy, happy and safe new year!

Take care of yourself, and stay warm!

And please — let our manager know if you or a neighbor needs some extra help when the weather gets bad.