As soon as spring officially arrives March 21, we can’t get tuned into the earth and nature fast enough!

We love our tree-filled RoseLake community! Besides enjoying watching our bird population thrive and our trees sprout new leaves, there are also all sorts of ways you and your family can help keep our community green, beautiful and clean — and as trash-free as possible.

• Bank on line and pay bills that way, too.

• Pick up a piece or two of trash whenever you walk the dog or take a walk.

Here are some helpful hints to keep RoseLake Estates, our lake, and our neighborhood clean, healthy and green:

• Say no to single use plastic bags. Bring your own re-usable bags to the grocery store. (Keep them in your car.)

• Use more glass and aluminum — and less plastic. And recycle everything you can. • Buy with an eye toward less packaging whenever possible. Less packaging means less waste.

• Less trash and less paper contribute to a greener, healthier world.

Thank you for the choices you and your family make every day to keep RoseLake Estates and Pendleton as earth-friendly and clean as possible!