“I used to live in an apartment in Indy – for years – and I was ready for a home of my own,” says Susan, RoseLake Estate homeowner for the past three years.

“I was tired of my rent going up. And having noisy upstairs neighbors. And management that didn’t fix things when they were broken. I was ready to move someplace comfortable and quiet. My friend suggested I consider a manufactured home and I thought she was crazy,” Susan continued. “After a little coaxing, I checked out RoseLake Estates in Pendleton.”

“Turns out, everything I thought about living in a manufactured home neighborhood was wrong. Here’s what I discovered:

  • There’s a huge difference between an old trailer park and a permanent, durable and beautiful manufactured home neighborhood. RoseLake Estates in Pendleton is a great example of that. It’s safe and quiet here, with a ton of trees. The homes and neighborhood are kept up nicely.
  • I wasn’t sure I had enough to afford a down payment on a high quality home. Turns out, there were several pre-owned manufactured homes at RoseLake Estates that were lovely, updated, had nice roomy kitchens, and nice yards. Even better, I couldn’t believe how affordable they were.
  • I had been told a manufactured home would be difficult to finance. Again, outdated information. There were several lenders that specialized in manufactured home loans. I got a good loan at a very reasonable rate.
  • I thought I wouldn’t have any privacy in a manufactured home, but I do here. I have a nice side yard in addition to a small front yard and roomy back yard. Unlike living in an apartment, I do not hear my neighbors. And I have space for a flower garden and tomatoes in the back.
  • I wasn’t sure I wanted to live outside of Indianapolis. Again, I was wrong. Pendleton is just 15 or 20 minutes due north of Indy, and there’s lots to do around here. It’s also less expensive to live here than in Indy.”

                  – Susan H., proud RoseLake Estates homeowner

Don’t rule out manufactured housing based solely on what you think you know. Instead, do some research of your own and visit a reputable manufactured home community like RoseLake Estates. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our homes’ affordability, curb appeal, interior design, and roominess!