There are certainly a ton of things to find fault with in 2020. But if you look around, there are some pretty amazing things to give thanks for as well.

Here are some incredible folks and teams we’ve noticed around town that we are especially thankful for:

  • Food banks for those that need them. Thank you to all those everyday folks and farmers who help keep them stocked with donations, and help distribute the food.
  • Our healthcare workers. From nurses to aids, doctors and pharmacists, technical assistants, cleaning personal, clinicians, and hospital staff that answer questions and direct puzzled clients to where they need to go – we couldn’t have done 2020 without you. Thank you.
  • Teachers, you are amazing! It’s difficult to teach kids virtually. And hard to teach them in real time in the classroom. We know you’ve shouldered all kinds of extra responsibilities and had to learn and master new technological gear to make it all happen. Thank you, all.
  • Grocery workers, you are needed and appreciated! Thank you for keeping shelves stacked, filing orders for those too ill or health-compromised to shop in person, and cheerfully being there to keep tables full.
  • Firefighters and Police, thank you for all you do, day and night.
  • Mail carriers. You provide a service we cannot go without. From bills to magazines, birthday cards to mail-in voting forms, thank you for your efficiency and grace.
  • UPS and FedEx. We have a real relationship these days, especially since we don’t get out and shop as much as we used to. Thank you for your service – especially behind the scenes.
  • Township and City Employees – Thank you for keeping us running responsibly while employing dozens of new regulations.

Lastly, but not leastly – thank YOU RoseLake Estate residents — for going the extra mile for your neighbors. We’ve heard dozens of stories about neighbors checking in on their elderly friends, taking them to appointments, including their milk and eggs on our shopping trips, watering their plants when they couldn’t, and generally watching out for one another.

This is just the kind of neighborhood we want to be. We appreciate all of you – for being the kind, wonderful, appreciative, supportive, and helpful neighbors you absolutely are.

Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday – from all of us at RoseLake Estates!