If you are ready to stop wasting hard-earned money on rent — and start building home equity through home ownership – make sure you come see us at RoseLake Estates.

We work with financial companies that specialize in mortgage loans for manufactured homes. Even it this is your first home, we can help you.

Less than perfect credit score?

RoseLake Estates can even help you get a loan if your credit isn’t perfect – or hasn’t been established very long. We prefer a FICO (Fair Isaac Credit Score), rating of 600 or higher. But if you are on the bubble or establishing first time credit in your name, we can often still help.

How does FICO give you a score?

FICO uses the major credit-reporting bureaus that keep records of your credit cards, and how often you pay your bills on time. You can access your credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com — you’re allowed to get one free report each year.

The interest rate on your mortgage is tied to your credit rating

The rate you get depends on how good your credit is. Fortunately mortgage interest rates are low right now, which is great for you!

Is there anything you can do to help lower your interest rate if your credit is a little tarnished? Actually, yes! The more you can pay towards a down payment, the better your interest rate.

At RoseLake Estates, we’re on your side! We want our new home residents to get the best rates possible on the best quality home they can afford. If you want to live in our lovely Pendleton community, give us a call. We’re want you to be able to call RoseLake Estates your home.