It’s so easy to begin the new year with good intentions to increase your fitness, better your health, or get more stuff done. Of course, changing habits is never easy, and by mid-January, many of us are having trouble keeping these resolutions.

At RoseLake Estates, we have a delightful solution to this we wanted to share:

What if, rather than setting a bunch of hard-to-keep resolutions, you embraced the concept of exploring “20 New Things in 2020?” To get to explore 20 new things by the end of the year, you would have to try out just one or two new ideas, concepts, classes, habits, or topics every month of 2020.

With that spirit of exploration in mind, here are 20 interesting ideas to get you started on your “20 New Ideas” list:

  1. Take up a new sport. It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. Bowling is fun and the whole family can do it. Pickleball paddles and balls are inexpensive to purchase, and there are courts and leagues springing up everywhere. BONUS: Good calorie burn.
  2. Get rid of stuff you no longer use. Could be clothes, could be furniture or household equipment. Donate it or recycle it. BONUS: You’ll feel good with less clutter.
  3. Support community theater. See a play. Local theaters are everywhere. Churches and schools have productions.
  4. Explore someplace outside. Walking a trails in the winter can be lovely, especially right after a snow. Take the kids and try to identify animal tracks. Falls Park in Pendleton is a great place to do this. BONUS: Fresh air!
  5. Spend the day with child at a museum. There are all kinds of museums – something for everyone – from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway great for middle school kids, to the Children’s Museum, great for younger kids. BONUS: Some days are free. Check out the website to find out when.
  6. Curl up with a new book every month. The library always has bestsellers to recommend. So do folks like Oprah and Reece Witherspoon. BONUS: New ideas! Great conversation starter (What are you reading?)
  7. Do something unexpectedly kind for someone. Let someone behind you (with their hands full or with a cranky baby) in line ahead of you. Leave a $10 tip for someone at the donut shop – just because. You get the picture. BONUS: You may get more out of it than the person you help.
  8. Play a board game with your spouse, friend or family. Maybe it’s an old favorite like “The Game of Life,” “Stratego” or “Clue.” Or try a new board game you’ve never played before. Check out the best new games at BONUS: Good inside fun on chilly winter days.
  9. Support the arts. The Pendleton Artists Society has classes and a gallery. Give it a whirl with a friend, neighbor or family member.
  10. Appreciate nature. Take a hike in a park. Walk through the woods nearby and see how many trees you can identify. Feed the ducks by the pond or the birds with a new bird feeder. Nature is pretty awesome! BONUS: Kinda puts life in perspective.
  11. Take a class to improve your health. It doesn’t have to be hard. Try a chair yoga, or sign up for Silver Sneakers (which is often free, courtesy of your health insurance plan.) BONUS: Get more flexible.
  12. Support an independent Pendleton restaurant or shop. Why not support that new mom and pop restaurant that just opened? Or the thrift shop downtown? BONUS: Your dollar will go farther and you will be helping the local economy.
  13. Take a walk. Grab your dog or a friend and walk your neighborhood or downtown Pendleton. The point is to get outside and see what’s new. BONUS: Your dog or friend will enjoy it, too, plus you can catch up on your friendship.
  14. Talk to someone new every day. Maybe it’s the person behind you in line at the grocery store or the coffee shop. Or a new neighbor. BONUS: Gain a new perspective.
  15. Pick up a piece of trash. On your walk or in the parking lot – the world is full of litter. Do it for the neighborhood, the city, or the environment. BONUS: It’s easy, and every little piece helps.
  16. All positive, all day. Try not saying or thinking anything negative for a full day. This one is hard. BONUS: The less negativity you take in, the more positive your outlook.
  17. Hydrate. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Keep track. Bring a water bottle with you in the car. BONUS: You may lose weight.
  18. Listen to a completely different perspective. Could be your 6 year old grandchild or a neighbor. The point is to be more open to ideas outside of your own. BONUS: It’s actually interesting.
  19. Try a completely different type of food. Thai food, vegetarian food, comfort food, stir fry, Southern food, healthy food… It doesn’t matter if you try it at a restaurant or make it at home. BONUS: Your taste buds may surprise you.
  20. Visit a historic place. Downtown Indianapolis is full of them, from the Benjamin Harrison home to Conner Prairie in Noblesville. Check them out! BONUS: Sometimes admission is free. Check out their websites to find out.

Just do something new or different a few times every month for a year full of new ideas, health, perspectives, and opportunities! How cool is that?