RoseLake Estates’ own very appropriately named Rose Lake was part of our manufactured home community right from the start. When our family bought the property in Pendleton more than 35 years ago, we knew the lake would be a focal point of the community so we built around it.

We deepened the shallow lake and kept the lovely trees surrounding it. As the community began to take shape, our very first homeowners asked about fishing in the lake, so we stocked it full of a variety of fish… and nature has taken it from there.

Our residents tell us the lake is full of sunfish, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, crappe, catfish, and sunfish. Kids here use bread on a fishing line and catch sunfish, much to their delight. Seasoned fishermen and women know the spots where the large mouth bass bite. We are a catch-and-release lake – so the fun is in the hunt for the largest fish. Our residents are in it for the thrill – and then setting their prize back in the water for another day.

Besides being known for our lovely lake, RoseLake Estates is also know for our mature trees. New homeowners are happy with our shady streets and tall trees. They are homes for many birds and critters, and since many of our homeowners take delight in feeding the birds and squirrels, we think that’s a good thing.

Speaking of birds and wildlife, we also have a growing family of ducks that lives around our lake. They are also fun to feed – especially at the hands of our kids and grandchildren.

If you would enjoy living a short walk away from a lovely lake, plenty of wildlife, generously shaded streets, beautiful sunsets, and a community still managed by the original family owners, you should come take a look at our updated affordable homes ready for a new owner. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or your retirement home, RoseLake Estates is the place you’ve been looking for.