Wait — did Labor Day fly by already? With the waning days of summer upon us, we’re only a couple of weeks away from the official first day of fall. As the temperatures cool off and the sun drops below the horizon earlier and earlier in the evening, you begin to crave hot tea and pumpkin spiced latte. You switch out summer white wines for rich red cabs with dinner. And that makes right now the perfect time to start thinking about autumn decorating ideas for your home. Because your home is aching to make the same types of cozy changes you are.

Let’s start outside.

How long has it been since you’ve painted your front door? If you can’t remember, or a close inspection has noted more than a few scrapes, scratches and wear patterns, consider starting fall with a freshly painted front door. Try a bright splash of red (looks fantastic if your house is white) or a cool, flat black. Even a fresh coat of white is an instant way to crisp and clean up your home’s entrance and make it inviting.

What next? Fall asks for classics, like harvest-worthy earth tones, reds, burnt oranges, berries, earthy fallen branches and colorful leaves. You can collect from nature, finding pinecones, interesting branches, long feathery grasses, and interesting pieces of wood. Make them into accessories for your front porch.

Add interest with store-bought chalkboard signs, or make your own. Pinterest has tons of ideas you can borrow, from printable welcome signs (Hello, pumpkin!) to lovely fall wreaths. Buy them or make them. Layer textures. Mix and match and get creative.

Visit a pumpkin patch, apple orchard or local nursery and pick some fall flowers as well as different kinds of gourds and pumpkins. Arrange them in weathered chipped wood baskets or boxes. Or add a few small bales of hay to the steps leading to your porch. Or around your outdoor pole light. Pour smaller pumpkins and pinecones into an over-sized lantern by your front door.

Sunflowers and grasses say fall, too. Make a dried wreath for your front door. Or wire various sized pinecones together. You can spray paint it — or keep it natural. Add dried berries or sunflowers for a pop of color.

Welcome people into your home with a new fall doormat. You’ll find all kinds at every type of store from Walmart to Wayfair. It’s a great way to welcome people into your home, as well as welcoming in the new season.

When it comes to fall decorating ideas, just a few subtle décor updates will transition your home (no major overhauls necessary). Just like your wardrobe, it’s all about layering. And getting cozy. Have fun!