Bird feeders encourage family bird watching, and they also keep us in touch with the natural world all around us.

Because RoseLake Estates is surrounded by so many mature trees, we attract lots and lots of birds – from chickadees to finches, woodpeckers to sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, grackles and crows. And yes, even the majestic birds of prey, like owls, red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawks, and falcons.

If you feed the many birds that call RoseLake Estates, home, please don’t stop feeding them until spring arrives. That’s expert birder advice from Wild Birds Unlimited, a native Hoosier company with locations all across central Indiana, including Pendleton, Fishers, Carmel and Noblesville.

“Once you begin feeding our wild birds, they will depend on you as a source of food for their survival. Keep up the practice until spring is in full swing.”

Native Indiana birds require a lot of fuel to keep their small bodies warm in our occasionally harsh winters. Females also need to stock up to be able to form new baby bird eggs in early spring.

Bird food loaded with fat and calories helps birds struggling to survive. “The best seeds for providing energy are black oil sunflower, striped sunflower and safflower,” according to Wild Birds Unlimited. Suet is also a good high-energy good to provide, as well as dried mealworms.”

RoseLake Estate ducks depend on food help, too. They are also looking for high-energy food sources. Consider dried corn, oatmeal, sunflower, pumpkin and other seeds to supplement their diets. (These forms of food are much better for them than bread, which is not recommended as duck food.)

Enjoy the wintry beauty all around us – as well as our multitudes of wildlife – living right outside our homes at RoseLake Estates. Happy holidays!