Are you tired of being “just a number?

If you’ve been living in a large apartment complex or a property-managed community, you may start to feel like a nobodyNobody cares that there is trash in your neighbor’s yard or the streets are continuously over-crowded with unlawfully parked vehicles. Or that nobody cares that your neighbor’s barking dog is kept outside despite complaints.

Time for a change? Are you ready for a new style of living — relaxing in a new country home?  One where you can see our ducks playing in the lake on our community property, where blue herons dip their beaks in the shallows, and turtles sun themselves on the bank? 

RoseLake Estates in Pendleton is that place. Where management cares about you and your property. A welcoming community of just 175 homes, we get to know our residents. This comes in handy when you contact us with a concern.  We do our best to make sure your issue is addressed respectfully and taken care of as promptly as possible. That’s one of the reasons why our residents tend to stay here a long time.

RoseLake Estates is also surprisingly affordable, with both new and pre-owned mobile homes available.

So if you are ready to live somewhere that cares about you, stop in and say hello at our management office. We’d like to get to know you and show you around.