No, and we’re glad to put this common misconception to rest. As a matter of fact, manufactured homes are built more efficiently with more insulation than stick-built homes are.

Here are the facts:

  • All manufactured homes built after 1994 must abide by federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) laws pertaining to energy efficiency. RoseLake Estates management makes sure these regulations are adhered to.
  • HUD divides the US into three regions called “performance zones.” Manufactured homes produced for each region have to meet the performance expectations for that region.
  • Indiana is HUD Zone II. Zone II energy efficiency standards require that manufactured homes comply with one of the following options:
    • Homes must be designed with overall thermal efficiency to account for heat loss through the insulted surfaces of the thermal envelope (known as UO values). Each zone has a different UO value depending on weather conditions (heating and cooling) specifics for that zone.
    • Zone II, including Indiana, requires a UO code rating of 0.096.

This rating means you can depend on your RoseLake Estates manufactured home to be energy efficient as well as affordable to operate through hot Indiana summers and cold Indiana winters.

So you can live in comfort in your RoseLake manufactured home no matter what the weather is outside. Affordable, too!