Got a tax refund on the way? Many do this year. And the wisest among us are using their tax refunds wisely by using it as a down payment on a home.

Wise because you’re using last year’s income towards this year’s housing — Plus:

  • What are you paying now to rent? Chances are good you can invest a similar payment toward owning your own home.
  • If you use your rebate towards a down payment on a mortgage, absolutely no Indiana state sales tax is due.
  • Mortgage rates are still low. Buying now is a good investment.
  • RoseLake Estates is a safe, established neighborhood with good schools and neighbors that keep up their property.

Right now, RoseLake Estates has several remodeled and updated manufactured homes to choose from. Two and three bedrooms, wooded lots. Private back and side yards. All just waiting for the right owner.

We’d love to show you around!