1. Easy drive from Indy. Take exit 214 from I-69, and you’ll spot our neighborhood as you take the exit.
2. If you are used to noisy neighborhoods, RoseLake Estates will be a welcome surprise. We’re a quiet residential neighborhood of just 170 homes.
3. Pendleton is thriving! From our growing art and restaurant scene to state-of-the-art Falls Park, RoseLake Estates is proud to call Pendleton home.
4. Our neighborhood is filled with mature trees, meaning privacy, plenty of summer shade, gorgeous fall colors, and lots of wildlife.
5. We’re on a lake stocked with bluegill and croppie, and a family of resident ducks the kids will love to feed. We have lots of neighborhood walkers who enjoy our beautiful surroundings.
6. Many residents have lived here for years. That says good things about both our management and neighborhood stability.
7. Our neighbors watch out for one another. We’re a part of Crime Watch and have a retired patrolman living on premises.
8. RoseLake is family owned and family operated. We know our families, and they know us. As it should be!
9. Nearby great shopping, dining, a beautiful library, and medical resources.

This is the lovely home you’ve been searching for!
Come take a look at the well-cared-for manufactured homes for sale at RoseLake Estates, just off exit 214.