Farmers’ markets put the fresh in farm produce. They also give local farmers and food producers a place to sell directly to customers. And customers get access to fresh locally sourced food – much of it sustainably and organically gown — and a chance to ask about how the products are grown, created, baked, or produced.

Here are the 8 farmers markets closest to RoseLake Estates:

  • Pendleton Farmers Market Saturday mornings, 8 AM – noon, May – September at Community Building at Falls Park
  • Fishers Farmers Market: 8 am – noon Saturdays through September. Located at Nickel Plate District Amphitheater, 6 Municipal Drive, downtown Fishers. Bonus: Music and activities for the kids.
  • Cumberland Farmers Market: 8 am – noon Saturdays through October. Located at Cumberland Town Hall, 11501 E. Washington St.
  • Saxony Market: 8 am – noon Saturdays through September. At 131st street and Olio Road, Fishers.
  • Riverview Farmers Market: 8 am – noon Saturdays through mid October. Located at Riverview Health parking lot on Conner Street, west of the I-32 bridge. Health & entertainment events for the family each week.
  • Hamilton County Farmers Market: 8 – 11:30 am Saturdays through September. Located at 5 Center Green, downtown Carmel
  • Farm to Fork Market: 4 pm – 7 pm Fridays through October. Located at Normandy Farm, 7802 Marsh Road.
  • Market at Hague: 8 am – noon Saturdays through October. At Lawrence North High School north lot, 7800 Hague Road.

Central Indiana farmers’ markets offered lots more than corn and tomatoes, including everything from

  • Farm-raised chicken, pork and beef
  • fresh flowers
  • artwork
  • local honey
  • artisanal spices and oils
  • fresh organic breads, cakes and pastries
  • organic coffee
  • potted plants
  • fresh churned ice cream
  • fudge
  • dog treats
  • earth worms for your compost…
  • to live music and yoga classes!

So grab a couple of reusuable bags, the kids and the dog this Saturday –and check out a farmers’ market. It’s healthy and a great way to support local farmers and artisans.